For several months now I’ve started to receive an unprecedented number of emails from addresses named some variation of “renewal@”.

The issue is that creating an email filter which would move these emails to your junk folder would also inadvertently move legitimate subscription renewal emails to your junk folder as well. What are some steps that can be taken to deal with this issue? Which apps, clients, or email services deal with junk/spam the best?

    26 months ago

    I run the self-hosted version, aside from having to deploy a couple Docker containers it’s pretty much the same as the SaaS product.

    • @hedgehog
      16 months ago

      That’s awesome! I have a fair number of Docker containers running on my Linux server and may try deploying SL at some point.

      One thing that may stop me - are you able to use the mobile app with it, or are you only able to use the webapp?