• Khrux
      4 months ago

      I absolutely agree when it comes to how theyve treated their staff but also lots of staff won’t make that much difference to the design of the book, and multiple open play tests would be ideal to ensure we will actually use the content in the book.

      The #1 thing I’d love to see which we almost definitely wouldn’t get would be 20 pages where 20 different designers get a page to just say something they feel the book needs to say. Pick a range of the old guard of TTRPG design, new innovative designers and some of the louder voices in the design sphere due to social media and let them say literally anything they want provided they believe it should be in the DMG. Before it starts, get them all together to confer about their thoughts so no two people write the same essay and there is a broad spectrum from dice maths to pantheon design to checking in on players. It would likely be incredibly valuable information but also work as publicity as people like Mike Shea, Bob Worldbuilder, Matt Colville and Ginny D all would agree that the book isn’t missing that one thing they want, because they put it in there themselves, and these voices hugely colour the views of amateur designers and people passionate about the game like ourselves, either directly or indirectly.

      The reason we won’t see that is that it would cost a fair amount to pay the freelance fees for all 20 designers, instead of filling the pages with magic items or other bloat content.