The core is some kind of fairly dense metal (possibly iron/steel?) and then has different metals on top to colour them. I chose copper and gunmetal colouring.

  • ...m...
    4 months ago

    …i have difficulty getting good rolls out of heavy metal dice: they kind of plop down with a thud and just. STOP.

    …that and they’re terribly hard on whatever rolling surface i use; towers seem to be the only way to get a reasonably random roll from them and those grow beaten-up by heavy metal dice in pretty short order…

    …i wonder if the more-rounded edges roll any better?..i have one hydro74 licensed set similar to those pictured here; i should compare them to my sharper-edged ultrapro heavy metal dice…

    • I didn’t try them in a tower yet, but they roll OK in a padded dice tray I have. Something that has a bit of a grip on the surface (pseudo-leather in my case).

      On a flat desktop or other hard surface they don’t roll worth a damn. They slide. 🤣