• @Rheios
    1410 months ago

    There also seems to be a bit of weirdness even surrounding what “conservative” means. It used to mean an intent toward preservation of certain existing institutions/trends and preexisting stability, with a distrust for new institutions that may upset existing social calm. Which often is at odds with beneficial change but isn’t inherently against it, favoring instead that it be slow and precise. When I think of myself as conservative that’s the concept I have.

    The problem is that “conservative” now can also include a group of people for which preserving an existing state (as in condition/mode of being ) is no longer acceptable, the demand either a reverse or entirely new directions.

    As an example that’s a little less hot button - vouchers for private schools. That’s an active novelty and a change from an existing institution, rife with potential long-term impacts on both culture and stability that could be negative, and yet some positions push for it (often without addressing those problems). That’s not a conservative position. That’s a progressive one (maybe not in the direction someone on the left would want obviously).

    Conservative got irrevocably linked with Right due to some preexisting social constructs and the urge to preserve them, but realistically it should hold just as well that a conservative would seek to preserve left-wing establishments as much as right-wing ones, or at least advise any changes to them be slow and incremental to avoid pop-up problems. Admittedly things like technology complicate that due to the speed with which it changes and demands response.

    • @MotoAsh@lemmy.world
      1010 months ago

      If you cannot understand how conservatism would LOVE to conserve the racism and rapant capitalism of the US… You might not actually understand what “conservatives” actually want to conserve…

      It’s the social order of things where they’re on top. They’ve literally always been supremacists. Just not necessarily openly bigoted ones.

    • @NotYourSocialWorker@feddit.nu
      310 months ago

      While I bet there’s exceptions what has been the general trend for conservative is that they are pleased with the status quo. They are on top and therefore don’t want things to change. When you’re not satisfied you tend to not be as patient. It also help to lack empathy for people not as lucky. Considering that you, commendably, can see the need for change you obviously belong to a different group.

      What is new is that the once who call themselves conservative now instead strive to change things due to a lack of control. They want to go back to the point where they feel they had control, power, and privilege over others.

      And when a group of people who lacks empathy want to take back power it can get dangerous very fast. Suck as January 6:th…