• @Nepalman230
    410 months ago

    Hello! So I’m not trying to stir the pot or anything.

    Have you looked at Shadowdark?



    It was very highly anticipated, had a very successful Kickstarter, and he’s been very well reviewed.

    The author has written several well reviewed fifth edition adventures.

    Shorthand way to describe it I’ve seen is, modern rules, old school style.

    I’m throwing this out there, because it has been described as an old-school variant of fifth edition.

    It is so old school that you have to do three d6 down the line.

    Also, there is a very interesting real Times Torch mechanic.

    A lot of Osr games, put attention on things like scarcity and time this phone put a lot of attention on light.

    I haven’t read it so I don’t know for sure but to me that sounds like possibly inspired by dark dungeons. Although I know that wasn’t the first game to have a very prominent darkness mechanic either.

    Just wanted to throw this out here I never want anybody to change game systems. I just thought it might be interesting for people who hadn’t heard of it.