Going through the spell list, there’s an awful lot of spells that are incredibly funny in the context of bedroom pastimes, here, let’s assume it’s heroism and Bear’s Endurance.

    • AhdokOP
      4 months ago

      These characters are from a real 5e campaign, at this point of time in the comic, they’re level 9, and everyone is monoclassed (as 5e is actually intended to be played)

      • Konsi - Cleric (trickery) (this is my PC, which is why the comics mostly focus on her.)
      • Toron - Rogue (swashbuckler)
      • Mystery - Warlock (Fey patron (now), Tome)
      • Sand - Monk (Open Hand, but he changed to Astral Self a bit later)
      • Faelys - Staff of Power (also Wizard/Evoker)

      Razira is an NPC sidekick built using the sidekick rules, with a little bit of paladin sprinkled in for flavour.