I’m dumber faster

  • AhdokOP
    4 months ago

    These items set your stat to 19 if your stat was lower than 19.

    Faelys’ INT is 20, and Konsi’s WIS is 20. The only real use of such an item in our party would be to provide a large boost to a dump-stat, and if you’re doing that, you might as well go for the biggest boost possible.

    In reality, we wouldn’t make regular use of such an item, everyone in the party is rocking three attuned items that they’d prefer to a headband of intellect when adventuring. It’s the kind of thing we’d put in the bag of holding and then attune during a downtime day when we needed to do library research.

    • @AngryCommieKender@lemmy.world
      14 months ago

      Oh, ok. That makes sense.

      To be fair to Konsi, a 10 point boost in INT would be pretty psychologically shocking to most characters that aren’t Epic Level Wizards, and that’s just cause at that point an INT of 28 is normal for those guys.