Baldur’s Gate 3 is a “mega hit” that Hasbro expects to pay dividends for years

  • Neato
    72 months ago

    Hasbro wants more games but that doesn’t say Larian wants or has been contracted for more. It’d be dumb for Larian to at least not make an expansion. Though I do understand expanding the level cap is super difficult and a LOT of spells will need to be limited in scope.

    • thepixelfox
      12 months ago

      Larian said they were releasing a complete game. I honestly hope they don’t release an expansion. The ending was great, and I don’t know where you go after. An expansion past the ending would almost cheapen the whole game for me. After a huge build up to the fight of the netherbrain. It wouldn’t feel right to continue after that.

      And only getting to 12th level felt fine. I don’t think it needed to go higher. Mine abs my partner’s characters were beasts even at level 12. So it doesn’t feel like it’s necessary.

      • Kbin_space_program
        82 months ago

        In short, at 7th to 9th level spells shit get stupid really fast.

        In any case, the sweet spot of the 5th edition ruleset(which Larian vastly improved upon) is levels 5 to 10. Under that and you’re too squishy, over that and you start getting into the plane shifting and just outright death spells.