It’s good practice!

  • AhdokOP
    423 months ago

    I think, the first casting of MMM always needs a dedicated scene where the rest of the party get to explore what the wizard has made for them. It’s a massive opportunity for creativity with the players, and as a DM you can just take a load off and let the wizard player run the session for a while, explaining all the cool things they incorporated.

    The first time I cast MMM in 5e, it was with my pyrophobic gnome librarian wizard, Neff. She build a special room for each member of the party to cater to their needs, and I built a map for it (we were on VTT)

    • The Bard in Green
      3 months ago

      That’s awesome. I love the attention to detail for each party member (which is exactly what we would expect from you). I bet there’s a story behind the dragon skull and the piano. I wish I still had my mansion maps from that epic game (it was about ten years ago).

      • AhdokOP
        93 months ago

        The piano is actually there because we needed a ballroom to entertain some NPCs for a political summit. Several of the servants in the mansion were skilled in instrument use, so we made a small area for performers.

        The Dragon Skull is in the sand of a fighting/training pit for the party’s fighter. She basically took out a red dragon single-handedly during one of our adventures, and it’s a replica of that dragon’s skull that we couldn’t take away as a trophy because the dungeon collapsed.