It’s good practice!

  • AhdokOP
    433 months ago

    It’s important training! don’t want to get rusty.

    (Real reason) - The rest of the party have a lot of credibility and renown in Waterdeep, due to having done quite a lot of very overt acts of heroism. They’re recognized by the Lord Protector as heroes of the city, and they are widely known to be powerful adventurers.

    Razira joined the party later and, while Konsi knows she’s a big damn hero, nobody else seems to know this or view Razira as being that important. Konsi’s constantly looking for opportunities to have Razira perform impressive heroic feats (like catching a falling person out of the sky) in public, so she gets a reputation that matches how awesome she is.

    • Xariphon
      193 months ago

      And of course she goes about it in the most adorable way possible.