• @jjjalljs
    12 months ago

    I was playing Mage: The Awakening 2nd edition. I really like it but it’s not super popular, so finding players is hard.

    It sounds like it has the same way of modeling health. Adults have 5 + stamina health boxes. So your average person is 7, the strongest mortal in the world is 10. You have a pretty good idea that if you do nail that guy with a rifle shot, he’s not getting up.

    DND especially was frustrating to me when it was like “ok a veteran soldier… Does he have 10 HP? 20? 50? One attack? Two?”. There’s like no way to reliably reason from the narrative to the rules.

    • @shani66@ani.social
      22 months ago

      Awakening is essentially a different version of Ascension, so you’ve got the basic Idea of how it plays, although i think it’s a bit more lethal and straight combat is more discouraged.

      Playing a point buy system with character creation that is the same between NPCs and PCs really does let you have a better connection to the world. You can reasonably guess or study it logic out things about other people in the world.