Hello everyone! My name is Casey Baggz and I’m the Founder and CEO of a new app that makes playing tabletop role-play games easy. Even more so, it makes playing games more accessible than ever before in the history of tabletop role-play games.

As someone who is on the spectrum and colorblind (whoops), it has been a passion of mine to build a tool that helps improve the learning, playing, or running experience for people who have disabilities.

Allow me to provide some context around our mission and how we are achieving a new level of accessibility to make playing more inclusive than ever before:

The app itself is game agnostic. We deconstruct the rules and everything else that makes learning, playing, or running games hard and present it in a holistic and conversational way. Likewise, we bring all the tools you need for IRL/hybrid game sessions into one place and enhance them with TTRPG specific features which you simply can’t get out of using Discord, Notion, etc.

On the accessibility side the app will have specific user settings that will change the entire experience to meet you were you are at regarding your disability. For example, if you are someone who is on the spectrum - you can put in your exact score and we will reconfigure all the communication in the app to provide a better experience that aligns more consistently with how your brain naturally functions. This includes interpreting rules, spells, building characters - everything.

Out of the box - we have the current standards in place:

  • 100% accessibility score
  • Colorblind friendly for protonopians (red/green)
  • Autism support (mentioned above)

Our next roadmap items incudes:

  • ADHD support
  • Support for recording audio sessions for a historical recap

This is just the beginning of what we are doing. If you are interested in learning more you can go to: https://nurl.website

We plan on releasing around May 6th for people who have joined the waitlist. I really appreciate this community and hope to bridge the gap of technology and TTRPG so everyone can enjoy playing games equally.