Welcome back to Advent’s Amazing Advice! The series where I take popular One-Shots, Adventures, Campaigns, etc. and fully prep them for both New and Busy DMs. This prep includes music, ambiance, encounter sheets, handouts, battle maps, tweaks, and more so you can run the best sessions possible with the least stress possible!

Delivery Witches Apply Within is a level 3 One-Shot for 1-2 players. Inspired by Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki and Kiki’s Delivery Service your player will meet a strange black cat who leads them to the Kat and Cake Bakery where they’ll try to prove themselves worthy of the title Delivery Witch by delivering a set of packages. These aren’t just any ordinary deliveries, throughout you’ll run into a slew of interesting characters and events including a druid posing as a cat, a silver dragon, mists that try to teleport you elsewhere, and ghostly apparitions!

Brittney Hay has done an absolutely fantastic job creating this One-Shot. You really feel like you’re in a magical lighthearted world. This One-Shot is a far cry from my usual preps, being for only 1-2 players you’ll have the opportunity to really engage your players. The music is right from Kiki’s Delivery Service and blends perfectly with your adventure! I couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out!

This One-Shot is from an anthology of One-Shots inspired by Studio Ghibli; Eyes Unclouded, If you like this one I’m sure you’ll find plenty more to fall in love with! Perhaps if this is popular enough I’ll consider prepping even more of them!

*Average Sessions Length: 2-3hrs

Without further ado:

Included in The AAA Collection is:

  • A downloadable copy of all my notes, which includes links to music tracks for ambiance and fights
  • Special PDF for all encounters. This includes the enemy stat block organized neatly, along with an initiative tracker and a spot to mark HP
  • A Battle Map for the City


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